Positive preliminary results from Soligenix's SGX202 in GARS model

Soligenix, Inc., a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, announced today promising preliminary results from a preclinical study of SGX202 in a canine gastrointestinal acute radiation syndrome model.

"These preliminary results suggest that SGX202 may significantly improve survival from GARS," stated Dr. Georges. "SGX202 may potentially inhibit the cellular and innate immune mechanisms within the gut mucosa that exaggerate mucosal damage, and improve GI recovery after radiation. In the challenging area of radiation injury, the study met its primary objective in protecting dogs from GARS and extending their survival. We are completing our analysis of the data so that we may extend our investigations of SGX202 in GI recovery after radiation exposure and build upon these promising results."

"The current dog model of GARS used by Dr. Georges appears to be a robust model for studying the supportive care needs after TBI and for evaluating countermeasures for improving survival after TBI," stated Robert N. Brey, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Soligenix. "These results are encouraging and suggest that SGX202 may be an effective post exposure therapy for acute radiation syndrome.  Further, these findings support the active pharmacology of oral BDP and may have positive implications for the ongoing NCI-supported Phase 1/2 clinical study in radiation enteritis. We believe that these promising results merit further investigation and potential government funding of radiation injury in the Defense sector."

SOURCE Soligenix, Inc.

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