Europe's leading oncology organisations receive ?‚¬12 million grant to streamline cross border research

Europe’s leading oncology organisations are combining forces in the global fight against cancer. The project, EurocanPlatform, has received ?‚¬12 million from the European Union to streamline cross border research. The project will find moreeffective ways to ensure the prevention, early discovery and treatment of different forms of cancer.

1.    Karolinska Institutet (the "Coordinator"), Sweden2.    Institut Curie, France3.    Danish Cancer Society, Denmark4.    Oslo Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Norway5.    Spanish National Cancer Centre, Spain6.    Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Italy7.    German Cancer Research Centre, Germany8.    Institut Gustave Roussy, France9.    International Agency for Research on Cancer, France10.  University of Oxford, UK11.  European Institute of Oncology, Italy12.  Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK13.  National Institute of Oncology, Hungary14.  Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands15.  Erasmus Medical Centre, Netherlands16.  Cambridge Cancer Research Institute, UK17.  Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium18.  European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany19.  Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Marsden Hospital, UK20.  Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands21.  Fundacion Instituto Valenciano de Oncologia, Spain22.  Istituto Tumori Bari, Italy23.  Fundacio Privada Institut d’Investigacio Oncologica de Vall Hebron, Spain24., Switzerland25.  ECCO – The European CanCer Organisation, Belgium26.  Organisation of European Cancer Institutes, Belgium27.  European Cancer Patient Coalition, Netherlands28.  European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Belgium

SOURCE Karolinska Institutet

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