North Shore-LIJ seeks patients with early-stage prostate cancer to participate in Phase I study

The North Shore-LIJ Health System Department of Radiation Medicine announced today it is seeking patients with early-stage prostate cancer to participate in a Phase I Research study.

A Phase I study establishes the safety of a treatment, and so the first cohort (group) of from seven to 15 patients will receive five moderate doses of SRS. Side effects, if any, will be very carefully monitored. If the doses are well tolerated, the next cohort will get five higher doses, and again the side effects will be carefully monitored. It is hoped that the study will progress to the third and final cohort, with the five doses delivering an amount of radiation equivalent to the amount delivered with the standard 45-dose EBRT treatment protocol.

"SRS is a highly sophisticated technique that has generated much interest for its ability to overcome resistance of tumors to radiation," says Dr. Potters. "We are pleased that the North Shore-LIJ Health System has the technology and the expertise to offer this trial before any other center in the metropolitan area. Our hope is that it leads to an early-stage prostate treatment protocol that is effective, safe and quick."

Source: North Shore-LIJ Health System

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