XYTOS shares cancer patient treatment results

XYTOS Shares Patient Results.

Patient #1 — 53y. Grade II. Biopsy positive, 3-4 urinations/night Result after XYTOS Therapy – Clear / All symptoms gone. Patient #2 — 65y. Grade II with local invasion — Clear, feeling the best he has for years. Patient #3 — 42y. Grade IV. Very poor health, almost moribund. PSA 9000 — Died. PSA had dropped to 5000. In retrospect, should not have treated patient. Patient #4 — 78y. Grade IV, metastases outside the gland. Nocturia, poor urine flow and volume. Impotent. Result — Prostate shrunk, softened. All symptoms gone. Urinary frequency and volume normal. Still some abnormal test values. Patient #5 — 41y. Grade IV, huge prostate. Much difficulty urinating and defecating. Now potent erection and ejaculation. Prostate very hard – Result — Improved urination. Shrinkage. Treatment is working. Patient #6 Grade III. Nocturia, urinary urgency —- Result — All symptoms gone. All patients, except one, benefited from the therapy. No patient experienced any side effects from the therapy. This contrasts sharply with conventional therapies, which have major risks, particularly impotence. No patient experienced any significant problems with the treatment. The earlier stage patients showed no evidence of cancer after the XYTOS treatment. The one failure was patient #3 whose disease had progressed to far prior to the XYTOS treatment. He experienced a major reduction in PSA levels, but this was overwhelmed by other medical problems. Patient #5 should have had surgery, but he refused.

Source XYTOS

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