GE to establish Global Pathology Imaging Centre of Excellence in Ontario

GE announced an agreement to establish its first Global Pathology Imaging Centre of Excellence in Toronto, Ontario. GE and its digital pathology joint venture, Omnyx?„?, will invest $7.75M along with a $2.25M grant from the Health Technology Commercialization Program created by HTX and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

"Omnyx is exclusively focused on digital pathology innovation.  The centre is a significant financial and technical commitment by Omnyx to the future of this technology.   Ontario and its world renowned healthcare and research institutions represent like-minded partners for the development of pathology imaging and computer aided diagnostics innovations and best practices that can enhance patient care and reduce costs – not only benefiting citizens of Ontario, but those throughout the world."

Rajiv Enand, Senior Vice President Business Development, Omnyx 

"Digitizing pathology is the next big step for pathology – it’s critical in revolutionizing the practice.  As a pioneer in the field of digital pathology, Canada has the opportunity to lead the world in digital pathology technology and care.  We look forward to defining projects with the centre to advance the use of digital pathology."

Dr. Sylvia Asa, pathologist-in-chief and medical director at University Health Network

"A new innovative digital pathology solution is crucial in providing better care for cancer patients.  GE’s investment in a Global Pathology Imaging Centre of Excellence in Ontario is a great win for Canada and has the potential to revolutionize pathology and the delivery of healthcare."

Dr. Tom Hudson, President and Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

"A collaborative digital pathology solution has the ability to transform patient care for Canadians and give pathologists across the country, regardless of their location, the ability to collaborate and improve the workflow needed for improved patient diagnosis."

Dr. Martin Yaffe, Associate Director, Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CiMTec)


There is a shortage of pathologists in Canada. Today, there is a need for an additional 370 pathologists.  By 2020 the country will need an additional 820 pathologists. An aging and growing population has been linked to a rising incidence of cancer increasing the need for timely access to pathology. Pathologists are handling workloads greater than the recommended benchmark established by the Canadian Association of Pathologists


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