ECCA and EDMA advance the EU health literacy debate

As part of the 2011 European Cervical Cancer Week, EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association and the ECCA, the European Cervical Cancer Association jointly organised the “Better Health Literacy for Better Health in Europe” dinner debate.

EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, represents national associations and major companies engaged in the research, development, manufacture or distribution of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests in Europe.

Through its membership, EDMA represents in total more than 500 companies (or over 700 legal entities) across Europe. The mission of EDMA is to raise awareness of the importance, usefulness and added value that diagnostic information can provide to healthcare. For this purpose, EDMA cooperates with European institutions, patients groups, trade associations, health professionals and academia to support an appropriate regulatory system, to work towards a realistic economic environment for healthcare in Europe and to be an effective voice in globalisation.

About the ECCA:

The ECCA was established in November 2002 specifically to raise awareness of cervical cancer and the means by which it can be prevented. To achieve this goal, ECCA has brought together Europe’s leading cancer societies, medical associations, cervical cancer researchers, clinicians and patient groups with 115 institutional members in 34 countries to form a Europe-wide network of expertise covering all aspects of cervical cancer prevention. This extensive network has then been complemented by ECCA’s health communications experts and, working together, we have mounted a co-ordinated education and advocacy programme that now reaches almost every country in Europe.

ecca/en and ecca/en

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