Survival following transplant surgery for liver cancer not impacted by HIV-positive status

French researchers determined that infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) impaired results of transplant surgery for liver cancer, with more HIV infected patients dropping off the transplantation wait list. The team found that overall survival and recurrence-free survival was not impacted following liver transplantation in patients with controlled HIV disease.

Heidi Kubik, prosecuting, said: ???This was a story he pedalled, not only to his family and friends but to the wider public??¦He said he wanted to do something for others, so with help from his son went about arranging a charity event for Cancer Research to be held at a local rugby club??¦The event gained some press coverage, tickets were produced free of charge and sold at ??5 a ticket.??? Miss Kubik said, ???These were some of the efforts made to make his last few months as memorable and enjoyable as possible.??? Nick Devine, defending, said Swift wanted to be ???the centre of attention.??? He added, ???He is someone who has low self-esteem and it would appear that these offences were committed to gain friends and popularity. He was trying to make himself the centre of attention??¦It was attention he craved which, in the past, he has lacked.??? Mr Devine said all property obtained for the auction had been recovered and returned.

Swift has a history of having spent part of every year since 2004 in prison for offences of dishonesty, earning him the dubious nickname of ???Shifty Swifty??™.

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