Massive drinks mean massive calories

When you’re ordering the new Starbucks “trenta” you’re not only getting a massive drink (31 ounces) but massive calories (up to 600) – with the potential to pack on more than 60 extra pounds in one year.

According to Dr.Burtscher, contributing factors to determining how much people eat may include:

???generational "my parents taught me to clean my plate and not waste food"

???relational"feelings will be hurt if I don’t finish what they made/gave me"

???economical "this is such a good deal – more bang for my buck"

???convenience"I’m in a rush and need it now"

???emotional"Extreme moods may increase the chances for emotional eating""Massive amounts of food and drink should not be promoted to American consumers when the majority of our population is overweight or obese," said Dr. Bartfield.

Both doctors say exercising personal responsibility for our health is important. "Knowing our own body and our own nutritional needs is an important part of eating healthily and of taking care of ourselves," said Dr. Burtscher. "Self awareness decreases the possibility of using external cues such as price, size or others’ behaviors, and can lead to behavior change and successful eating habits."

SOURCE Loyola University Health System

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